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The Role Of A Superintendent Within A School District

Introduction Much of this clinical experience has been examining the specific role of a superintendent within a school district. I found that the reflections as part of the weekly journal to of particular interest and benefit as I examined he â€Å"Guiding Questions† for this final synthesis essay. Interestingly, my colleagues in this course found these reflections not to be beneficial. During one of our class meetings it was noted that these were not a beneficial exercise and that reflection was not needed. To that, I would counter that reflection s always needed but it is often the easiest item to overlook. In our hectic administrative world, it is easy to become buried in Administrivia. Often we do not event take a moment to move from one crisis to the next. Reflection is the only way we can halt the inexorable march to the end. I for one, was pleased that we were asked to reflect on each week. I took this as an opportunity to examine the actions of the superintend ent and, in a risk free environment, provide my perspective on the positive or negative actions observed or experienced. Hopefully the observations and judgments in those weekly journals remain an academic exercise and not a communique to my superintendent. As I re-read the journal entries and focus them with the lens of the guiding questions, I have some final thoughts about my qualifications and idiosyncrasies that may come into play if ever I was afforded the honor of being a superintendent. WhatShow MoreRelatedThe Challenges And Issues Facing Schools1225 Words   |  5 Pageschallenges and issues facing schools are becoming more complex subtle to address. There is a tendency towards school board members seeking to advance personal interests and agendas on the board’s decisions which has enhanced the instances of conflicts of interest and controversial issues in many schools. The distinction between the roles and responsibilities of the board members from those of the superintendent has become blurred, making it essential that superintendents make decisions that enableRead MoreLeadership Styles Assignment Essays1251 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Assignment: Leadership Styles in the School Setting Karen Williams Grand Canyon University: EDL 812 March 2, 2015 Introduction The role of a superintendent is compared to that of an orchestra conductor (Domenech, 2009), and for good reasons; the many hats worn by this one person in the performance and leadership of the school district. He/ She guide an exemplary vision towards a performance goal and serve as a model for leadership, and embodyRead MoreReflective Writing: Assignment Two. Recently, The Superintendent973 Words   |  4 PagesReflective Writing: Assignment Two Recently, the superintendent of the school decided to retire after serving eighteen years in the district. As the former superintendent, he single handedly hired nine of the fourteen building administrators, and likened himself to that of a corporate manager. He believed that the district’s success was his responsibility, and that he alone was to credit for the formation of unified administrators, and policies. Upon his retirement, the Board of Education conductedRead MoreThe Organizational Structure Of Schools, School Districts, States, And The Federal Government976 Words   |  4 PagesDescribe the organizational structure of schools, school districts, states, and the federal government. The superintendent is the overseer of an individual school district within each state. The school district vary by sizes in each state and have their own administration, instructional, financial, and clerical staff. The superintendent takes orders from elected school board officials . Under the superintendent there are assistant superintendents, who are in charge of specific areas. AfterRead MoreApplying The Four Organizational Frames And How They Could Be Relevant During The Negotiation Process1303 Words   |  6 Pagescreate strategies for progress and change is a leadership skill that superintendents will use their school district as they tackle difficult issues. In their book Artistry, Choice, and Leadership – Reframing Organizations, Bolman and Deal (2003) claim that the purpose of applying the four organizational frames to work within the system is for â€Å"gaining clarity, generating new options, and finding strategies that work†. School districts are com plex because they are made up of people and people are complexRead MoreRecommendation Of Strategic Diversity Plan Essay1735 Words   |  7 PagesFaculty and Parents, As superintendent of the Dollarway School District I am pleased to announce the Strategic Diversity Plan that our diverse committee has outlined for the forthcoming school year. The intent of this plan is to create a work environment that is consistent with the communities we serve as well as developing a curriculum that will give our teachers a unique perspective and our students a better education-competitive to our neighboring school districts. With the open mind fromRead MoreJob Description Of Employee Performance872 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"recruiting, hiring, assigning, retaining and supporting effective teachers who share the school’s vision/mission;† job descriptions are the first line of recruitment for the district. Time and resources are necessary to successfully, and accurately conduct a review; however it is a proactive and necessary practice by the district to: †¢ Attract candidates who believe and practice the district’s mission †¢ Seek the most qualified applicants; based on current student needs and changing educationalRead MoreThe Business Manager/Director of Education Wears Many Hats692 Words   |  3 Pagesthat the district run both effectively and efficiently. In doing so, they create a foundation that supports a solid financial operation. I would define this role as being one that maintains strategic financial plans that allows them to manage the administration of personnel functions in the school. They are also responsible for budget modelling, drawing up base budgets, provisional budges as well as final budgets. They monitor salaries and expenditure and advise the district Superintendent. It is alsoRead MoreEssay on District Budget Design1631 Words   |  7 Pagesships, balancing a districts budget has become increasingly difficult. As a school board member for the Peoria School district it is important and crucial to effective budget decision making to be educated on the school districts budget design and delegated responsibilities within the system. These decisions need to be made based on the protection of public funds and property. â€Å"The legal responsibility for such protection rests solely with the board of education in each school district† (Brimley, VerstengenRead MoreThe Importance Of A Central Office That Supports District Mission And Vision799 Words   |  4 PagesModule 6 Discussion Discuss the make-up of your central office and the ways roles are delegated in order to have a smooth running central office that supports district mission and vision. Our collective mission is ‘to nurture and educate our children in accordance with all curriculum standards to prepare them for responsible citizenship and success in life’. The district’s strategic plan was created with the community after holding several meetings with a variety of stakeholders and demonstrates

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Socrates Sense Of Virtue Essay - 1250 Words

Socrates’ sense of virtue, as established in Plato’s Apology of Socrates, Crito, and Symposium collectively, revolves around the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge, and justice, all in an effort to benefit the soul rather than the physical body. Given that this oftentimes contradicts standard values of honor and beauty, Socrates is targeted by many of those around him who oppose his ideas and ways of thinking, especially since the youth begin to criticize the elders’ concern for the trappings of honor and beauty rather than for interior virtues. Unlike Socrates’ case, Aeneas’ sense of virtue complies with the standard societal definition, emphasizing pietas, or respect for the gods and dedication to family and community. In his efforts to†¦show more content†¦29d). Unlike his fellows Athenians, Socrates cares little â€Å"whether a person is beautiful, or rich, or famous in any other way that most people admire† (Sym. 216e). Unwilling to c ompromise his own values, Socrates continues to challenge those around him, even at the risk of losing his own life. In Plato’s Crito, Socrates likens himself to Achilles who, insistent on avenging Patroclus’ death, â€Å"belittled death and danger, fearing much more to live as a bad man and not to avenge his friends† (Apo. 28c). Socrates holds little regard for his wellbeing when the threat of being unfaithful to his beliefs is at hand. Socrates faces a lot of opposition from the public because of the nature of his teachings as he attempts to demonstrate the value of knowledge and justice. In his apologia, having been charged with â€Å"corrupting the young† (Aen. 24b), Socrates questions Meletus mercilessly, forcing him into contradicting himself and leaving him speechless with â€Å"nothing to say† (Apo. 24d). Much of Socrates’ teachings revolve around making others aware of their own ignorance, as he does with the politician, â€Å"[try ing] to show him that he supposed he was wise, but was not† (Apo. 21c). Plato’s Symposium recounts the speech of Alcibiades in which Alcibiades describes â€Å"what an extraordinary effect [Socrates’] words always had† (Sym. 215d). According to Alcibiades, Socrates â€Å"makes it seems that his life isn’t worth living† (Sym. 216a). These kinds of lessonsShow MoreRelatedPlato s Meno And Nietzsche On Truth And Lie1720 Words   |  7 PagesOn Truth And Lie In An Extra-Moral Sense, both writers touch upon the theme of â€Å"truth† and â€Å"knowledge†. In Meno, Plato writes of a dialogue between his late mentor, Socrates and politician Meno. In the Meno dialogue, through a dialectical method, Socrates’s manages to prove to Meno he knows nothing of virtue while On Truth And Lie In An Extra-Moral Sense, Nietzsche analyzes how language isn’t â€Å"truth† and Knowledge is an invention as a means of survival. Socrat es or rather Plato are more rational whereasRead MoreSocrates as Philosopher King Essay1709 Words   |  7 PagesThe legendary Athenian, Socrates, was one such figure.   Socrates ushered in an era of philosophical inquiry that still lingers to this day.   In Book Seven of Platos The Republic, Socrates outlines his perfect regime.   According to Socrates, an enlightened Philosopher-King must rule such a regime.   Now suppose this Republic actually came into being, and Socrates was asked to rule it as a Philosopher King.   Would he?   Answering this begs three important questions:   Is Socrates a true philosopher?  Read MoreJustice Is The Best Choice For Its Own Sake1307 Words   |  6 PagesPlato’s Republic, is a classic philosophical novel that covers many points and topics regarding philosophy. One of these main points includes justice. In this essay I will be answering the question of whether justice in soul is choice worthy for its own sake. While this to pic is quite complex, I will use a mixture of personal analysis as well as evidence from the book itself to assert that justice in soul is the best choice for its own sake. In the following paragraphs I will discuss what justiceRead MoreEssay about Meno and the Socratic Method1413 Words   |  6 Pagescentral question: If virtue can be taught, then how? And if not, then how does virtue come to man, either by nature or some other way? Socrates addresses this inquiry by questioning a person who claims to understand the term’s meaning (Platos Meno). The purpose of this essay is to relate the Socratic method performed by Socrates in Plato’s dialogue The Apology, to Meno, by illustrating its effect on the character Meno himself. After questioning Meno about virtue, Socrates comes to the conclusionRead MoreSpeech Analysis : The Apology 858 Words   |  4 PagesThe speech title is deceiving to the eye, this speech isn’t even an apology, and it’s more of defense speech. Socrates uses the speech to defend his accusations against him. In the story, â€Å"The Apology† Socrates is on trial for accusation like, â€Å"corrupting the youth† and â€Å"impiety.† Through this following essay, According the following: what Socrates means of knowledge or wisdom and why he thought that knowledge/wisdom was the best means of happiness and perfecting the soul, what kind of knowledgeRead MoreSocrates s Philosophy And Critical Analysis1138 Words   |  5 Pages Socrates [Author Name] [University] Socrates Socrates- A Brief Intro Socrates is known for his imminent contribution in western philosophy. A deep insight into his philosophical theories and concepts was possible only through the works of his disciples, Plato and Xenophon. Socrates left no written record of his writings or dialogues he had with different people across the city of Athens. He had a unique indirect way of diving into the reality of variousRead MoreAnalysis Of Plato s Republic And The Letter Of The City Essay1328 Words   |  6 Pagesabout justice and if it something that is just in itself. This essay is meant to shine light on three of the key concepts – (1) He has succeeded in Thrasymachus’s challenge, (2) being just provides more happiness than being unjust, and (3) the letter of the city is irrelevant and does not help his case. Thrasymachus’s theory is that there is no benefit to being just and that benefit would only com to the powerful. However, Socrates puts down this theory by proving that it is in every human’s interestRead MorePhilosophy1687 Words   |  7 PagesAnthony Charpentier Due Date: 10/7/14 PHI 307 – Ancient Philosophy First Essay Assignment Xenophanes, Socrates, Plato on the possibility of knowledge Skepticism – A skeptical attitude; doubt as to the truth of something. In ordinary skepticism this would mean someone who would doubt the existence of something. A difference between the two is normal skepticism is you try to get it clear in your head. Ordinary doubt - or local skepticism - can usually be tested - and even when it cantRead MoreEssay on Platos Response to Thrasymachus Immoralist View of Justice1491 Words   |  6 PagesPlatos Response to Thrasymachus Immoralist View of Justice In Book 1 of the ‘Republic’, Socrates, in answer to the question ‘What is Justice?’ is presented with a real and dangerous alternative to what he thinks to be the truth about Justice. Julia Annas believes Thrasymachus thinks Justice and Injustice do have a real existence that is independent of human institutions; and that Thrasymachus makes a decided commitment to Injustice. She calls this view ‘Immoralism’: â€Å"the immoralist holdsRead MoreThe Trial And Death Of Socrates By Plato, Antigone, And Confessions By Saint Augustine1506 Words   |  7 Pagesbasic rights to be upheld by the state. Together, members share social responsibility, actively pursuing a sense of communal virtue. The fruition of their cooperation brings about conditions where it is easiest for individuals to freely improve the wealth of the public. Using the texts The Trial and Death of Socrates by Plato, Antigone by Sophocles, and Confessions by Saint Augustine, this es say will explore the complex relationship between the individual and society in Greco-Roman culture. It will

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Constructing Proxy Variables to Measure

Question: Discuss about the Constructing Proxy Variables to Measure. Answer: Introduction: Improper management of time has reduced the studying hours. Studying late night, results in extreme fatigue. I want to score better marks in this semester. This can be possible only if I devote more time into study (Jo, Kim Yoon, 2015). I have understood that managing time for this semester is crucial because unlike other semester, I will not get much time this semester unlike other semesters. Time management was not an issue for me and has never affected my grades, but I have always completed my syllabus in a hurry before every examination. This is the reason, I want to manage the time well and perform better in this semester. Time management is also a crucial managerial skill that is important for future success. In order to improve my management skills, managing time holds equal importance. I see myself as a successful leader. For a leader, managing time is very crucial along with managing the members of a team (Kimani, 2014). If I start improving my time management skills from now, I shall be able to manage my team and shall prove to be a good leader. Pre-test and Post-test measures: I will record the study time and other activities that I do regularly. Currently I spend less time for studies because I have to attend regular lecture classes and also have to do other regular activities. Moreover, I have also realised that the time that I spend for studies, is not enough to cover up the huge syllabus of the semester. This is the reason, I will record my activities and progress from time to time that will eventually help me to realise if any kind of change is required in the scheduling of my action plan. Week by week progress will be recorded (Rapp, Bachrach Rapp, 2013). This way I can easily keep a trace of my activities. I will implement the new schedule by 1st week and the activities will be recorded every week. By the end of 9th week, I believe that I will achieve my goals. Action Plan: Week Task Expected Outcome 1 Sketch out a plan for doing different activities and strictly follow the set To-do-list. This list has to be realistic enough that the framed plan can be easily carried on. It is important not to frame something unusual that would be tough to achieve and would ultimately lead to disappointment. I will be able to prioritise things and would be able to sketch a better To-do list for me. 2-4 I will follow the schedule and perform each task as the schedule. This way I would also be able to prioritise the tasks and shall continue with the schedule that suits the best. I will able to manage time for every task. It is only when other tasks get scheduled I shall be able to devote more time in studies. 5 If required certain changes can be made in the schedule and the timing can be changed or restructured. This re-scheduling has to be done quickly with proper care because there shall be no scope to waste time for creating another to-do-list (Beausaert et al., 2013). It is expected, not many changes will be made because the prior list will be made with much consciousness. Better management of time can be done. It is expected that if changes are made in the schedule, it would bring betterment in the overall planning. 6-8 Continue with the proposed schedule and study more. As my focus is to increase the study hours, scheduling would prioritise studies and not other activities. I would also reduce spending time with my friends because I have observed that a lot of time is wasted with them. I would be able to complete the syllabus of my course. The aim is not only to complete the syllabus but also to do revision of the same to get in depth knowledge and understanding of the subject. 9 Check the improvement. The result of the action plan will be obtained by the end of the 9th week. I can easily check my improvements if I would be able to do the task according to my plans. It is only by checking that how much I have been able to complete my course syllabus, the achievement of my plan can be measured. I have made much improvement in studies. I have also covered the entire syllabus of the course and would be ready to study some extra study material for better references for my examinations. References: Beausaert, S., Segers, M., Fouarge, D., Gijselaers, W. (2013). Effect of using a personal development plan on learning and development.Journal of Workplace Learning,25(3), 145-158. Jo, I. H., Kim, D., Yoon, M. (2015). Constructing Proxy Variables to Measure Adult Learners. Time Management Strategies in LMS.Educational Technology Society,18(3), 214-225. Kimani, G. (2014). Personal development plan.Docs. school Publications. Rapp, A. A., Bachrach, D. G., Rapp, T. L. (2013). The influence of time management skill on the curvilinear relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and task performance.Journal of Applied Psychology,98(4), 668.

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Language Of Battle Essays - English Grammar, Axiology, Ethics

Language of Battle The Language Battle In todays society there are two philosophical views that have become enemies and are constantly battling it out. These two views are from the prescriptivists and the descriptivists. The prescriptivists believe that there is a certain way that language should be written, and that language follows a certain set of rules believed to be prestigious. The descriptivists believe that language is described with the use of certain use of words and syntax. Since, todays society has had many technological advances many tend to lean more towards the descriptivists way of thinking. Many people believe that if a person has a higher educational level that they would most likely have a higher prestige in the way that they talked or presented themselves. In a survey that was recently taken on dialect 100% of the people said that the sentence The land was given to Susan and me. Is correct. The prescriptivists way of thinking prevailed in this form of dialect. One sentence that made most people think was This is the play in which he preformed in. The prescriptivists point of view was put into play in this situation. Only 40% of the people picked up on the fact that this sentence ended with a preposition and 60% said that there was nothing wrong and that is how they would say it. The other speech form that was most diverse was the plural of you. The prescriptivists say that the correct answer is you all. Only 30% of the people got this question right. The most common was the answer yall by 40% of the people. 20% of the people said you guys and 10% said your. Again wi th educational level the descriptivists way seems to prevail. Since the times have changed so much with all the technological advances language has changed in time too. As people started to age the answers started to be very different. On the question that asked what is the name of the object that a baby is brought home in from the hospital if it had wheels and could be taken for a walk. I found that the age groups from 15-20, 21-30, and 31-40 100% called it a stroller. In the 41-50 age group 50% said buggy and 50% called it a pram. The older people in the 60+ group 100% called it a carriage. The term carriage is one that is a lot older and not used very often. When asked, what utensil is used to fry food in? The older 60+ age group 100% said it was called a skillet, but the other age groups referr

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Edwin Long essays

Edwin Long essays Art is a talent acquired by experience, study, or observation learning that requires the conscious use of skillful and creative imagination. A piece of artwork reflects the culture that created it, though this might not be apparent to its contemporary observers. Art heavily depends on context. The available materials, subjects, themes, metaphors, politics, and technology influence the creation of painting. The audience's insight into a work improves as an understanding of the artist's culture grows. In this essay, I will give a brief overview of Edwin Longs life, discuss the events that were occurring during the time he painted Vashti Refuses the Kings Summons, and explain the story behind this painting. Edwin Long was born in Bath in the year of 1829. Edwins father was an artist therefore; he had an early and precocious talent for drawing (Bills 12). He began his career as a portraitist and in his youth, he twice tried to enroll at the Royal Academy Schools. However, was refused entry due to deficiencies in his drawing. He then decided to move back to Bath because of the setbacks. He visited Spain in 1857, on the advice of John Phillip, who was his teacher (22). Edwin listened to John and visited the country regularly between 1857 until 1873. He was very impressed and interested in the work of Murillo. After seeing Murillos work, Edwin began to paint scenes of Spanish life and portraiture. He visited Egypt and Syria in 1874 and his career took a new direction. The direction it took made him become an orientalist painter. He started to develop large historical works illustrating passages from the bible and the customs of the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Eg ypt (32). Edwins paintings consisted of a rich and exotic style. They were strong in detail and often on canvases of large size, allowing him to show long processions and enormous palaces. He was a very popul...

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Engineering - Quality Management Research Paper

Engineering - Quality Management - Research Paper Example Looking back to the early 1980s a revolution, which can be perceived as a not-so-quiet, has been in effect in the global business. This has been an ideas revolution involving the questions of how to do business. The revolution can be said to be largely spearhead by three individuals, that is, Joseph Juran, Philip Crosby as well as W. Edward Deming. Thesis Statement The purpose of this paper is to access the similarities and the differences from the works of Deming and Crosby in quality management. On similarities, the paper will address; Customer Requirement as an important standard, the responsible quality management, goal of Quality as well as management Perspective. On the aspect of differences, the paper will address; The Basic orientation to quality, the question of what is Quality, implementation’s chief elements, inspection/ Defect control, improvement Basis, management perspective and cost of quality Discussion Similarities Customer Requirement as an important standard According to the work by Deming, he is of the view that the presence of a consumer is brought about by a necessity and as such, it is the most vital aspect of a system of production, that is, where there are no consumers, what then is the need for production? Crosby’s work define quality as conforming to certain set of specifications, which have been stipulated by the management of an organization and not some concept of goodness full of vagueness. The specifications entailed in quality are not made arbitrary either (Baxter & MacLeod, 2008). As such, they ought to be set in accordance with the needs as well as wants of the customers. The responsible quality management team According to the work advanced by Deming, it advances that quality is designed in the boardroom. In his notion of quality, he says that ideas such as; sincerity, hard work, personal responsibility as well as decency, indeed are responsible for the changed management world. He says that it is unsubstantial to just perform a task to the best of your capacity. It is necessary that one becomes aware of what he is working on. Crosby work indeed shares the same notion (Baxter & MacLeod, 2008). According to him, improvement in quality ought to commence from the top. In order to come up with a manufacturing process, with no defect, or what he term as zero defects, then the management of any organization must then set the suitable atmosphere and the tone whereby the employees will easily follow. If the management fails to establish a production system with zero defects, then it is not closer enough to a quality product. Goal of Quality In both works, they advance that quality improvement is an unending process. In Deming’s work, it is suggested that in order to meet and exceed the needs of a customer, it is necessary that there are continuous improvements. In the same notion, Crosby points out that the continuous improvements must be enhanced and as such, it should be done by setting a production with zero defects (John & Barnes, 2006). Though both works share common grounds in regard to the quality management, the largest part they share are the differences on the notion of quality management. Management Perspective In both works, drawing of comparison is mentioned

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The Battle For Berlin Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The Battle For Berlin - Research Paper Example There was a huge difference between the strength of German and Russian forces in all aspects, which also played its role in the defeat of the German army. The Russian forces were superior to the German army in terms of equipment and troops, which helped them defeat German forces and race towards the city of Berlin. The major countries, which sent their forces to carry out attack on Berlin, were Russia, Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia. â€Å"The Red Army played the dominant role in the defeat of the Reich, demoting the Anglo-American war effort to secondary or tertiary importance† (Davies 2006). Over 2.5 million men including 78000 Polish army men attacked Berlin defeating the German army all over. Russian forces, known as red army in the World War II, fired over two million artillery shells in different parts of Berlin, which not only destroyed the buildings and homes but also killed a large number of German civilians. Germans were though equipped with portable anti-tank w eaponry in order to destroy the Russian tanks but they failed to make a good use of those weapons. Russian army used to destroy whole buildings in occurrence of a single fire from those buildings. The huge difference between the manpower and equipment showed its effects on the battle between the two forces. German army although fought bravely but it could not meet the strength of the Red army. Russians rolled down relentlessly from the east and the northeast of Berlin. After sustaining as many as 325,000 causalities, Berlin surrendered on 2nd May 1945, which marked an end not only to the battle but also to the World War II. Importance of Battle for Berlin in World War II and Contributing Factors The battle of Berlin was of extreme importance not only for the Soviet Union but also for the European sector. Russia was a real power at that time and that was one of the reasons of war because Russia wanted to show its power in the World War II. The battle of Berlin was also of great polit ical importance because it was not only important for the unity of alliance but also it provided help to Russia on the Oder East of Germany. The main causes of the battle of Berlin were the unresolved issues of the World War I. Those issues created tensions between the countries, which led towards the World War II and eventually towards the battle of Berlin. In addition, the military aggression shown by Nazi Germany and Japan on Poland and China strengthened the way towards Second World War. The Soviet Union wanted to disarm Germany because it was posing threat to various other countries. For this reason, Soviet Union allied with the United States, Britain, and France in order to launch a combined attack on Germany. Germany was becoming a great threat to the unity of alliance, so in order to keep it away from further invasions; Soviet Union decided to attack the city of Berlin in order to take full control of Germany. The battle of Berlin gained significant importance at the end of the World War II. The battle not only resulted in ending the World War II but also played its role in securing most of the European countries from Nazi Germany. Germany and Russia were the two major forces of the world war and both of them were aiming to get success at the end of the war. It is natural that in the war, one group wins and the other one faces a